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Ritchies Outreach Programme of Enrichment (R.O.P.E.)

Brain child of Mrs. Lesseta V. Samuda, the Ritchies Outreach Programme of Excellence dubbed R.O.P.E., was an initiative centered around equipping parents with the tools to assist their children with the academics.

Mr. Andre Chantiloupe, her successor, kept the dream alive and sought to add a new dimension to this masterfully sculptured plan.

With the assistance of Miss Hannah Baker, Peace Corps Volunteers, sponsorship was sought to provide funding to further evolve this programme.  The R.O.P.E. saw a total of fifteen (15) parents, coming in to be equipped with the 21st Century skills, pre-requisites of being successful as parents in this ever changing educational landscape.

The funding received was used to provide lunches/dinner for the parents coming in and for their children who had to stay behind while their parents were being engaged.

These students were also engaged and assisted with homework assignments by volunteer school mates who were trained and supervised by Miss Hannah Baker. 

At the end of the programme, parents were awarded with certificates of participation and a Graduation Ceremony held, which saw their presentations being made by their children.

Ritchies Outreach Programme of Enrichment (R.O.P.E.): What's Happening
Ritchies Outreach Programme of Enrichment (R.O.P.E.): Pro Gallery
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