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Ritchies Primary School

A Community of Growth

Partnership Pg 2: Welcome

Accomplished Missions



Courts For Kids

The efforts of our Peace Corps Volunteer, Miss Hannah Baker, and the Courts for Kids Organization resulted in the construction of a multi-purpose court. This initiative was geared towards aiding in unearthing the hidden talents (in sports) of our students while providing an avenue for the positive outlet of energies for members of the community.


Past Student Donations

Past student, Hon. Delroy Chuck, Minister of Justice, as well as other members of the Chuck's, family must be applauded for the generous donation towards the school's development.
Their investment as past students, has resulted in the purchase of laptops and desktop computers for the school as well as the construction of a new school gate and the renovation of the school's bathroom facilities.


New School Water Harvesting System

Special thanks to the previous Member of Parliament, Mr. Richard Azan, and the benevolence of Rural Water, whose combined efforts afforded us a new water harvesting system, watchman post and garbage skip.

Partnership Pg 2: What's Happening
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