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Mr. Evan Hutchinson

Class Teacher

“We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit” This quote encapsulates my educational philosophy. As an Educator, I believe that it is imperative that all my students exude confidence and excellence in all they do and say.

The embodiment of my educational  philosophy is entrenched in the word  EXCELLENCE.

Enlightened Educator on a mission to edify generations. Providing

“Xtraordinary” instruction that will promote,

Christ-centered character development,  that will transform my students into

exemplary citizens who are able to be of service to God and man.

Lifelong learners my pupils should be.

Living lives without limits should be the norm for all the students I teach. I hope to provide a learning environment where they will be eager seekers of knowledge. I hope my 

noble character will be emulated. I am

committed to consistent growth and holistic development.

Empowering every student, to be the best version of themselves .

Mr. Evan Hutchinson: Staff
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