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Miss Denecia Green

Class Teacher

My philosophy of education is in agreement with the mantra of a former Education Minister,
which stated that “Every child can learn and every child must learn.” Education is the most
valuable asset any human being can have, as such, every child should be educated.  As an
Educator, I strongly believe that every child has the ability to learn regardless of their
uniqueness.  In order to facilitate the uniqueness of every child, I must be open to diversity
and a wide range of ideas and opinions from my students. I must also become acquainted
with all students’ learning styles so as to ensure that all my students get the opportunity to reach
their full potential.  It is also my desire as an Educator to create a learning environment where
students can grow not just academically but holistically. A popular song writer once said, “I
believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way”. Therefore, it
is my hope as an Educator to instill in my students, knowledge that will help them to become
active 21st century learners and future job creators.

Miss Denecia Green: Staff
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